3D Graphic Designer

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As a 3D graphic designer at Transurb, you will create all kind of assets and integrate them into our software respecting our 3D conception standards. The assets cover the reproduction of stations, trains, signalling and rail environments which range from a desert landscape to a modern city from anywhere in the world. Each rail project has its own characteristics; there are technical functionalities and the client’s requirements to keep in mind. The visuals have an instantaneous impact on our simulation projects and are seen by a significant number of users.

You master real-time 3D graphics and the required programs such as 3D StudioMax and Adobe Photoshop. You cannot get enough of vertices, vectors and pixels! The whole team practices agile methodology SCRUM, likewise, you find it motivating to work in collaboration with a team. You are diligent with great attention to detail, you have a good analytical capacity and you respect deadlines.